Sprinkler Head Types in Chagrin Falls, OH; Rotary Heads, Bubbler Systems, Pop-Up & Other Spray Patterns & More

There are a couple of different things that will determine the sprinkler heads you choose for your irrigation system to properly water your yard. It is important you understand what each of them do so that your lawn gets the moisture that it needs to thrive. Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting is here to explain the difference between different sprinkler heads so that you can make sure you have the right ones to get the job done on your property.

Pop-Up & Other Spray Pattern Sprinkler Heads

For those homeowners that have smaller lawns, spray heads are the perfect sprinkler head to keep your lawn green. They can only spray up to 15 ft. so if you have a lawn that is larger than 30×30, you may want to consider a different sprinkler head as you may experience dry spots. Dry spots equate to dead lawn and most homeowners are doing everything they can to avoid that. It is important to remember that you want your sprinklers to overlap which ensures this doesn’t happen to you. You can purchase sprinkler heads that offer many different spray patters including 90, 120, 210, and 360 to offer you coverage for whatever angle you are looking for. Something important to note is that these heads spray a fine mist so on windy days, you may want to rethink running the sprinklers as the water won’t likely give your lawn the moisture it needs.

Rotary Sprinkler Heads

If you have a larger lawn, you may want to install rotary sprinkler heads to water your lawn. These sprinkler heads need at least 30 PSI to function properly, but can deliver the water your lawns needs with a stream that reaches up to 50 ft. These sprinkler heads deliver water a little slower than spray heads, but you don’t have to worry about wind as much since the stream of water is much stronger than the fine mist put out by the spray heads. These heads also lead to less runoff so you won’t experience as much wasted water as well.

Bubbler Sprinkler System

If you are looking for a way to water trees, shrubs or other plants in your landscaping fast, you may decide to use a bubbler head to do it. These shouldn’t be used if the ground isn’t level or if you don’t have well-draining soil. If you continue without these two things you may find that you either drown the plants or the water runs off and they don’t get the moisture they need. Bubblers shouldn’t be used to water a lawn either, if you are looking for something underground, you will want to install a drip system.

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