Outdoor Lighting

During the day, the beauty of your home and property can be admired and enjoyed by everyone. However, at night, your home and landscape are covered by darkness. Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting offers custom landscape lighting design and installation services to ensure you get the most curb appeal from your residence. We start by sending out one of our friendly landscape lighting professionals to consult with you to better understand your outdoor lighting needs. We can make recommendations and help you compare and select the best landscape lighting. Contact us today to learn more!

Accent Lighting

The wide variety of exterior accent lights available today allow homeowners to draw attention to different features in their yard. Accent lighting can be installed virtually anywhere and allows for illumination of large trees, flower beds, pathways or water features to name a few.

Pathway Lighting

Individual lights are perfect for lining pathways and walkways on your property to create inviting and safe paths for guests.

Patio & Deck Lighting

It’s easy to create a patio or deck space that is warm, inviting and perfect for entertaining with the right porch or patio lights. Whimsical, decorative string lights are extremely popular for patios, decks and around swimming pools.

LED Landscape Lighting

Whether you want to install new landscape lighting from the ground up or bring an existing outdoor lighting system into the 21st century, LED landscape lighting is the answer you are looking for. Some of the serious benefits of LED landscape lighting include energy savings, being environmentally friendly, durable, versatile, low maintenance and easy to retrofit as well as having superior directional lighting ability with minimal light pollution.

Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

There are many benefits to exterior landscape lighting including:

• Beauty & Curb Appeal: When professionally installed, outdoor lighting dramatically increases a home’s curb appeal at night. Without light, a home’s architectural features and landscaping get lost in the dark. But with our expert landscape lighting services, Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting can create a perfectly illuminated home that stands out.

• Home Security: Lighting the exterior of your home is the most important way you can increase its security and discourage unwelcome intruders and burglars. Security lighting doesn’t mean glaring spotlights that hurt your eyes. Rather it can incorporate the soft glows of solar wall lights to illuminate large areas and motion activated flood lights for example.

• Home Safety: Lighting your walkways, pathways, stairs and steps will decrease the chance a family member or guest will trip or fall on your property at nightime.

• Extended Use of Outdoor Living Spaces:: Outdoor lighting allows you to extend the use of your outdoor living space after the sun has set.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services & More in Chagrin Falls, Kirtland, Medina, Aurora & Bedford Heights & Cleveland, Ohio

A well executed outdoor lighting design can cast your home and property in the best possible light by enhancing and emphasizing distinct features, boosting curb appeal, increasing safety and security and providing enjoyment. Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting can help light up your life. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

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