Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting

Welcome to Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting. We are the Irrigation, Drainage and Landscape Lighting professionals that NE Ohio home and business owners have been choosing for quality services since 1985! We are locally family owned and operated, fully licensed and insured. We have many satisfied customers that attest to our great customer service, pricing and quality of work.

Sprinkler, Irrigation & Landscape Lighting Technicians

Some of the quality services we offer include but are not limited to: Water Smart Irrigation, Sprinkler Systems, Yard Drainage, Directional Drilling, Standard Trenching, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting, Snow & Ice Management. At Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service at affordable rates and always put the customer first with our fast and courteous service. Call us today to discuss your next project!

Our Mission

We founded our company with a clear idea of what we need for a successful future. We understood that in order to reach our goals, we had to consistently adhere to sound, fundamental principles and grow our business intelligently, step-by-step, employee-by-employee and Client-by-Client. We were determined to always take the high road and to avoid the “easy” way out. When we began, the principles that we deemed most essential to our success were hard work, commitment to quality, sensitivity to the needs of our customers, fairness in pricing and complete honesty in all our business dealings. We believe in diligent staff training and education, a progressive team culture that fosters personal initiative, opportunity for every employee and a firm dedication to getting the job done right the first. We provide superior value for all our clients and a solid competitive advantage over other contractors in our area. A lot of people have a stake in how we conduct our business: our customers, our families, our sub-contractors, and our community. Our goal has always been to do those things that would help us to build lasting relationships with every single client we serve, to grow in new and innovative ways and to always be ready to serve our customers whenever they may need us.

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