At Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting, we have been providing services to the Cleveland, OH area since 1985. We value our customers and work to build long lasting relationships with each and every one. With quality in mind, our team of highly trained staff will provide you with the best when it comes to keeping your lawn irrigated and your property well lit. We believe that quality is better than quantity and will always fully complete any project without cutting corners in the process. There isn’t a company you can trust more with your irrigation and lighting needs than Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting.

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Services

The most efficient way to achieve and maximize the health of your lawn is with the right sprinkler system. You will notice that your lawn is thicker and greener with less effort when you have the professionals at Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting install a sprinkler system on your property. We are proud to offer Rainbird water smart irrigation systems to help our customers conserve water while they are keeping their lawn green. We know that water conservation is a priority for our customers as it is a priority for us as well. You will save money on water expenses as well as save the planet, one drop at a time when you choose one of our water smart irrigation systems.

Landscape Lighting Services

Don’t let the beautiful landscaping in your yard disappear as the sun sets. Whether you need accent lighting, path lighting, patio lighting or a combination of all three, the lighting experts at Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting can help you design lighting solutions to accentuate your landscaping. For those looking for environmentally friendly options, we offer LED lighting solutions so your landscape lighting is also energy efficient and hassle free. The right landscape lighting offers you beauty, security and functionality so you can enjoy the exterior of your home no matter what time of day it is.

Drainage Systems & Solutions

While water is plays and important role in keeping your lawn beautiful, too much of anything causes problems. With improper drainage you could experience problems with flooding, soil erosion, pest infestation and more. The irrigation team at Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting offer our customers a variety of drainage solutions to help you avoid unwanted and unnecessary water accumulation which can lead to damage.

Boring & Trenching Services

Let the professionals at Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting reduce your construction time, save expensive landscaping and help you eliminate ground settling with our boring and trenching services. We provide these services to residential, commercial and government projects.

Let Advanced Irrigation Systems & Creative Outdoor Lighting assist you in creating a fantastic outdoor space. Call us today for more information about our irrigation systems and outdoor lighting solutions.

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