Boring & Trenching

Advanced offers trenching and directional boring services all across the Greater Cleveland area. We can provide these services for residential, commercial and government projects. From the installation of basic conduit systems and fiber optic technology, to other lighting and wiring, Advanced has the experience to meet your needs. In support of a comprehensive construction management, our engineers apply our knowledge of life safety and security to ensure a safe, cost effective, and timely design and construction process.

Our goal is to provide the expertise required for you to make informed decisions to carry out your project no matter how big or small.

Trenching and Drilling Services
• Cable Placing
• Fiber Optics
• Telecommunication Lines
• Conduit
• Manholes New and Rebuilt

Benefits of Directional Boring
• Reduces Construction Time
• Saves Expensive Landscapes
• Saves Historical Structures
• No Unsightly Excavation
• Reduces Impact on Area Businesses
• Eliminates Ground Settling
• Minimal Disruption to Roads and Rails

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