Commercial Services

Commercial Boring / Trenching Contractor
Driveways, Parking Lots, Streets, and many other obstacles make it tough to install piping and wire for Irrigation and Landscape projects. At Advanced, we have several size machines, known as a directional bore, that allows us to go under driveways, streets, and parking lots without disturbing the existing structures. Most commonly used for commercial applications, this unit along with our boring team has installed piping for many subdivision entrances, retail stores, commercial buildings and more.

Commercial Irrigation in the Greater Cleveland area
Since 1991, Advanced Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting has not only installed and serviced over 6,000 residential customers, but has also installed and maintained a significant amount of commercial projects as well. For more than a 2 decades we have provided homebuilders and contractors with dependable and quality service for their projects. We can provide a list of the commercial projects that we have provided in the past.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting
Hotels, Restaurants, Event Venues, Bed and Breakfasts and more- you name it, we light it. When you’re in the hospitality industry, having professionally designed outdoor and landscape lighting isn’t just smart décor – it’s good business. The success of your enterprise depends on attracting clients and guests, making them feel welcome and providing for their safety while managing their bottom line. Outdoor lighting plays a significant role in every part of this equation, underlining the importance of choosing the right company. From design to install to ongoing service and maintenance, we handle it all. We are truly unique in this regard. We use premium fixtures to fit any design esthetic and specialize in beautiful, seamless property and landscape integration. Have existing lighting? Let us come out and evaluate your property. We can provide you with design recommendations and LED retrofit solutions that will help enhance your system and provide significant maintenance and energy savings. At Creative Outdoor Lighting we look forward to working with you, how ever we can be of service.

Commercial Power Washing
Advanced Power Washing, becoming a leader in commercial power washing throughout Northeast Ohio. Advanced Power Washing specializes in cleaning services for commercial areas, such as dealerships, restaurants, stores, construction sites, malls and rental properties, specifically in the Northeast Ohio area. Power washing, and detail servicing are essential in the on-going maintenance of commercial properties. Pressure washing restores the looks and beauty of all properties by removing dirt accumulation and corrosion. By hiring our professional power washers to remove dirt, grime, moss, and stains, you restore your property’s value and increase the life span of wood, concrete, metal, asphalt, brick, and other surfaces.

Why Should You Power Wash?
Advanced can make the exterior of your business look clean and welcoming for current or potential renters, lessees, tenants or clients. Most importantly, our commercial power washing services offer more than a clean area surrounding your business, they provide a debris-free pathway to your front door so that customers can travel to your business safely. Contact us today if you’re seeking superior commercial power washing services and 100% customer satisfaction. We proudly offer concrete restoration, oil/gas rig cleaning, gum removal, parking garage cleaning, construction clean up and grease trap cleaning.

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