Outdoor Lighting

By day, the architecture of your home and surrounding landscape can be admired and enjoyed by all. At night, however, your home and landscape disappear into the darkness. To make sure that you get the most appeal from your investment, Advanced Outdoor Lighting offers custom landscape lighting design and installation services in the Greater Cleveland area.

A landscape lighting professional from Advanced can come to your home and ask the necessary questions, which will help better understand your outdoor lighting needs. We can help you compare and select the best landscape lighting ideas and give you the best landscape lighting service in our region. Contact one of our landscape lighting service professionals today to learn more!

Up lighting beautiful structures and plants in the front of your home will create nightly curb appeal while also enhancing your security. Correct placement of highlights is very important when it comes to this landscape lighting service, and the professionals at Metro Lawn Sprinklers and Landscapes are highly skilled to help you design the best layout for maximum effect.

By using downward spread lights strategically positioned around your property, you will be able to improve safety while emphasizing walkways, paths, planters, or hillsides. A good landscape lighting service should be able to instruct you to the best placement of lights to increase the safety of your home and dress up perennials, annuals, and shrubs.

Landscape lighting is not only used to enhance your home’s façade and architecture but, it is also ideal to illuminate entertaining areas such as around pools, patios, or decks. This type of landscape lighting service will not only enhance your property’s beauty and value, it will also allow you to enjoy you’re your entertaining areas at any time, day or night.

LED Landscape Lighting
With the push for making environmentally friendly choices becoming even more popular, we also offer LED landscape lighting solutions. LED landscape lights last for 50,000 hours (15 years) without changing bulbs. On the other hand traditional halogen lights only last for 5,000 hours and use more than 400% more electricity than LED lights. Therefore, our LED landscape lighting services are an energy efficient and hassle free landscape lighting solution.
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Benefits Landscape Lighting
There are many benefits to good landscape lighting service. These include:

• Beauty: The beauty and architecture of your property is often completely obscured at night. So, why not bring it back with lighting. The effect that can be achieved by strategically planning lighting can be dramatic. At Metro, we will provide the best landscape lighting service, including lighting design in order to highlight your home’s architectural features.

• Security: A well-lit property discourages burglars. However, it is not enough to have a couple of big lights that, although powerful, cannot illuminate wide areas. With our landscape lighting service, we will work with you to distribute light around the property in order to increase the coverage of light and security.

• Functionality: An often overlooked benefit of a good landscape lighting service is that it gives homeowners the opportunity to enjoy their outside spaces at all hours of the day. From illuminating a pool to providing elegance to a patio, landscape lighting can give you a new way to enjoy your space.

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